I’m Liz. Of all the things I love, knitting is the most strange to everyone I meet on a regular basis. I am an office assistant five days a week, and a trivia host a few nights. I’m a tattooed, smart-mouthed, badass…. cat lady. Little do you know, I love sitting home with a set of knitting needles and a project most nights.

Not to say that I don’t do other crafts – but about eighty percent of the time, knitting’s where it’s at. I’ve experimented in jewelrymaking, baking cake, painting (mostly stencilling) and collage,  and most recently cross-stitch. I love the feeling of creating something. That act alone is incredibly inspiring.

From that inspiration comes this blog. A chronicle of my crafting adventures – and misadventures – for all the world to see.

Wanna see me try something? Want a pattern? Just wanna say hi? Hit me up at evanpay@gmail.com. If you feel like reading some of my non-craft-related writing, feel free to head on over to lizvanpay.wordpress.com.


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